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Welcome to the world of Google Cloud

It doesn’t matter if your firm is a start-up or Fortune 500 companies, everyone wants ease to do the business. Such ease with which they could scale their business rapidly and collaborate efficiently with their prospects, clients, vendor or supplier. In today’s fast-paced business world everyone wants to remain ahead of their competition, don’t want to lose any update from inside or outside the company.

To cater to this need of the business audience, they would need a technology which allows them to share, collaborate and expand in a matter of second. And what can be better than G Suite for companies making jump to cloud computing. We all have known Gmail since a decade, and most of our activities are relying on it right sending a mail to the employer, seeking for a job, storing the pics of a trip or chatting with your friends. Google has given us similar kind of flexibility when it comes to professional working mail which is called G Suite. It’s a Cloud-based mailing and collaboration solution to capture the need of the business world. With its core features like Gmail, Google Contacts, Google Drive, Google Sites, Hangout/meet, G Suite provides everything that a business needs to have a hassle-free run.

G Suite (formerly Google Apps) –

A set of cloud services for the organisation to work done from anywhere anytime on any device. It includes following apps that are used by organisations on a day to day basis:

Gmail: Get a professional email address with the same familiar interface hundreds of millions of people use every day. 30 GB of storage per user, powerful spam filtering, BlackBerry and Outlook interoperability, and 99.9% uptime SLA.

Hangout: Connect with the people that make your business run via HD video, voice or text. You can save money and time on travel, but still get all the benefits of face-to-face contact.

Calendar: A powerful web-based application which enables your team synced for meetings, organise events & making it easy to keep track of tasks, shared events and appointments.

Drive: Say goodbye to sending attachments or merging versions. Instantly share documents, spreadsheets, presentations and more with your teams & access them anywhere, on any device.

Docs: Enjoy a new way of working with groups, Work on the single document right from your browser & make changes in real time with your co-workers. keep your yourself updated with the latest version of the file using google docs.

Sites: Create dynamic professional web pages or sites quickly without writing a single line of code or technical support. Build secure web pages for document libraries, teams and projects from thousands of templates. No coding or HTML is required.

Vault: Manage Company email and chat messages can be archived and retained according to your customised policies, preventing inadvertent deletions. Be prepared for litigation & compliance audits.

Why G Suite?

Collaborational Efficiency: Unlike many enterprise software solutions, Google Apps promotes efficiency through true and fluid collaboration. Project management has become much easier to use and straightforward since it began to take place in the cloud. Every document and every piece of information can now be manipulated, saved, edited and shared with other people without any other function than Google’s. Working in the Google Cloud has become such an accessible and practical system that by 2020, it is estimated that 78% of all companies will have adopted cloud computing.

Third-Party Tools: Google Apps also works with different sort of third-party tools, such as RingCentral, Smartsheet or AODocs, and offers small businesses thousands of various add-ons to choose from according to their needs and at very reasonable prices.

Smarter Solutions, Better Data: In addition to productivity applications such as Google Documents, Sheets and Presentations, Google Apps also has many other tools that can enrich your company’s data. Google Forms is an application that allows companies to quickly and easily create custom forms such as surveys, a tool that is useful when it comes to getting direct feedback from your valuable customer list on the products you want.

Affordable Enterprise Features: This is an excellent offer for small businesses looking for business software at favourable prices. Savings only increase when you take into account the implementation and training costs of most business solutions, which Google Apps does not require thanks to its existing familiarity with consumers and its unparalleled usability.

To help and transform the business of our client by being their Companion, CloudCompanions is G Suite Partner in India. We have been remodelling our client’s business from our expertise in Cloud Technology since 2010 which has established us as a Cloud Consulting firm. We have been consulting companies across the globe, and our strategic approach enables us to have a hassle-free adoption of G Suite for business. As their Google cloud partner, we help to have robust change management, deployment consulting program which consists of a series of activities after understanding their audience and data migration.

What can we bring your desk and that would help you to have a productive business transformation, let’s meet over a Coffee?

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