Why You Need Cloud DLP (Data Loss Prevention) For Your Business

No business, small or big has been spared from falling prey to a security breach. With every passing year, threats to data privacy and data security have only increased. Organizations, universities and even government bodies unknowingly had put their confidential data into the deceiving hands of hackers – this has acted as a wake up call for many organizations. Rise and look forward to the future of security revolves around Cloud DLP.

Is Cloud Security A Need?

As enterprises augment their deployments of public cloud systems and migrating applications to cloud, it is highly important for them to gain visibility across their entire network, on-premise as well as cloud, along with automatically & holistically managing their company’s security policies and compliances. This would enable them to be able to better protect their businesses and fulfill any compliance demands, while availing cost effectiveness, flexibility and ease offered by hybrid cloud architecture.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) – An Important Aspect of Cloud Security

Cloud applications like G Suite (Google for Business), Office 365, Salesforce, Zoho, Dropbox, JIRA, etc. have enhanced productivity levels of businesses across the world. These cloud apps enable better team collaborations, flexibility, data sharing and availability of employees across multiple offices in same geography or widespread locations. However, good things come with caution – cloud based work environment has its own downside; it has given rise to new avenues of data leakages, breach and theft. In order to curb data loss, an enterprise needs to have complete vigilance over its network & data movement – this is where Cloud DLP comes into picture.

Why You Should Consider Cloud DLP

  • You may not always aware where your confidential data is stored, who has access to it, and to whom it is sent to
  • Your users may share / disclose confidential information to outsiders either purposely or without knowing, which poses danger to business
  • Data breaches lead to the risk of multiple losses – loss of money, time, resources, reputation, customers, etc.
  • Adhering to industry standard compliances and policies is a must
  • Data protection for proprietary information is very crucial to business
  • Enhanced flexibility and mobility of data and employees have lead to an increased risk of data leak / data breach

Cloud DLP By CloudCodes CASB

While there are several providers of DLP solutions, it is important for you to understand and evaluate which solutions suits you best. We recommend Cloud DLP solution by CloudCodes, a CASB vendor catering to various industry verticals and has shown proven records in securing enterprise data irrespective of its size.

Cloud DLP Features

  • Easily deploy compliance policies like PII, PCI, PHI, HIPAA, etc. across your organizations with pre-designed templates OR create your own policies
  • Gain visibility into your data movement and usage
  • Easily detect potential data breach / threats in the network
  • Track or Block download, share, deletion, screenshot capture & print of Google drive docs
  • Block USB access by users
  • Block access to personal Gmail of users in work network
  • Track Print of G Drive docs

With such a strong Cloud DLP solution by CloudCodes in place, businesses can rest assured that their data is safe and any data breach / data leak attempt would be reported to the IT admin, ensuring proper actions are taken to safeguard the business’ sensitive data.

Cloud DLP policies by CloudCodes can be applied to the whole organization or to particular teams, users within the company, based on the requirement.

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