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In the past 5 years, Information Technology (IT) has embarked on the latest model — cloud computing. Though cloud computing is merely a different way to provide computer resources, instead of a new technology, it has offered a revolution in a way organizations provide information and service.

Earlier IT was dominated by mainframe computing. This firm design eventually gave way to the client-server model. The latest information technology increasingly a function of mobile technology, persistent or standard computing, also called, cloud computing. However, this revolution is similar to every revolution, which consists components of the past technology from which it evolved.

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is a complete solution that offers IT as a service. It is a Web-based computing solution in which shared resources are provided, such as electricity distributed on the electrical grid. Computer systems in the cloud are designed to collaborate with the various applications using common computing power like they are running on a single server.

The portability of cloud computing is a function of the distribution of resources on demand. This enables the use of the system’s cumulative resources, and automatically reducing the need to allocate specific hardware to a job. Before cloud computing, websites and server-based programs were executed on a particular system. With the arrival of cloud computing, resources are used as an assembled virtual computer. This assembled design provides an environment in which applications execute separately without regard for any particular configuration.

What is IBM cloud?

IBM Cloud services is a suite of cloud computing services from IBM that provides both the platforms as a service (PaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS). With IBM Cloud IaaS, organizations can easily deploy and access visualized IT resources ﹘ for example compute power, storage and networking ﹘ using the Internet. For compute, companies can choose between bare-metal or virtual servers.

With IBM Cloud PaaS ﹘ which is often based on the open source cloud platform. Cloud Foundry ﹘ developers can use IBM services to create, manage, run and deploy various types of programs for the public cloud, as well as for local or on-premises environments. IBM Cloud services facilitate numerous programming languages, like Java, Node.JS, PHP and Python and also extends to support other languages

IBM Cloud services platform supports accessibility to other IBM tools and services ﹘ such as IBM Watson and IBM Cloud Functions for server less computing ﹘ as well as those from third-party vendors.

IBM Cloud offerings

SmartCloud Foundation.
SmartCloud Services.
SmartCloud Solutions.

What is IBM Connections cloud?

IBM Connections cloud is a web-based 2.0 enterprise public software created and designed by IBM, to offer online social networking tools for individuals associated with a business. Moreover, it is the single platform that provides the facility of enterprise social networks which has communities, blogs, wikis, rich profile and many more. It enhances collaboration by it by default features of file sharing and sync, chat, meetings, collaborative document editing to help people engage with networks of experts to harness the power of collective intelligence.

IBM connections cloud refine communications to the extent of a common platform for discussing ideas, and permits all interested individuals to contribute in order to access corporate information. The knowledge base is well-organized, and accessible via mobile devices to be used outside the office.

IBM Connections cloud offerings

IBM Verse email.
IBM Connections Compliance for Social content archiving.
IBM Connections Meetings Cloud online meetings.
IBM Connections Chat Cloud instant meetings.
IBM Connections Compliance for Mail e-mail archiving.

Features and Benefits

IBM Connections cloud is a cost effective solution.
IBM Connections cloud enable clients to work anywhere.
IBM Connections is integrated behind the firewall.
IBM Connections offers top-notch organizational and analytic features.

What is IaaS, PaaS & SaaS?

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) is a type of cloud computing that gives visualized computing resources through the internet. IaaS is one among the three main categories of cloud computing services, with software as a service (SaaS ) and platform as a service (PaaS).

In an IaaS type, a cloud service provider hosts the infrastructure components normally present in an on-premises data center, along with servers, storage and networking hardware, as well as the virtualization or hypervisor layer.

Platform as a service (PaaS) is a cloud computing model where a third-party cloud service provider delivers hardware and software tools ﹘ generally those required for application development ﹘ to users over the internet. The PaaS service provider hosts the hardware and software on its own infrastructure. Subsequently, PaaS frees users from the necessity to install in-house hardware and software to develop or run a new application.

Software as a service (SaaS) is a software distribution model where a third-party cloud service provider hosts applications and makes them accessible to users over the Internet.

How can we help you?

Cloud Computing plays the major role in developing and building businesses, At the same time every company has to face challenges and one of the biggest challenge for any company is to figure out with whom to start their Cloud journey. They spend chunk of cash and time to hire Cloud consultants. Without setting up right expectations, results are not satisfactory. We understand and overcome their challenges by being their Companion throughout their Cloud journey. We not only transform their business but also bring operational excellence in a cost-effective way.

Our Offerings

IBM Connections Cloud S1

IBM Connections Cloud S1, a collection of different collaboration tools includes IBM Verse enterprise-class email, instant messaging, online document editing, web conferencing, file sharing and social business services in an easier-to-deploy, simplified package. Being a cloud-based service, your collaboration tools are managed by IBM, allowing you to focus on your core business.

With IBM Connections Cloud S1, you take an advantage of essential and effective collaboration tools in a security-rich ecosystem that can help simplify and develop your daily business communication with customers, partners and colleagues.

IBM Connections Cloud S2

IBM Connections Cloud S2 offers social networking for enterprises. This built-in suite of collaboration tools integrates your business social network with web conferencing and collaboration capabilities, similar to file storing and sharing, instant messaging and activity management. Deployed as software as a service, this kind of affordable social collaboration tools give easier-to-use social networking for business that will help you reduce costs, enhance productivity and stimulate growth and innovation.

IBM Connections Social

IBM Connections Cloud Social offers social networking for businesses. This built-in suite includes instant messaging, online document editing, web conferencing, file sharing and social business and available in 30 languages.

How to choose the best Cloud solution for your business?

Understand the scale of your Business Requirements: After knowing an organization’s cloud needs CloudCompanions team will help in choosing the right type of cloud solutions. We offer a range of cloud computing services including email solution and IT Networking infrastructure with on-demand access to virtual servers, application and software.
Pricing Structure: You should pay only what you use. Our pricing schemes are highly competitive in market and customers have the ability to add services as needed.
Look at tomorrow’s need today: CloudComapnions will offer customers a flexible, on-demand cost-effective platform. Our approach will help customers to enhance operational performance through increased flexibility.
Security: When you partner with CloudCompanions, you gain a full stack of IBM Cloud Security Services. As a proven leader in enterprise security, IBM holds more than 3,500 security patents and, by combining the security immune system with advanced cognitive computing, IBM Cloud enables organizations like yours to continue to innovate while reducing risk.
Customer Support Service: Without exception, CloudCompanions technical support will be available to customers online or by phone 24 hours a day, every day, including holidays. If required, we will send a cloud specialist team to an organization as well.
As a true companion in your cloud journey, we will strive hard to provide you with an exceptional cloud service. So, you can focus on your set business goals. Cloud Technology is changing all the predefined conceptions of doing business from offices and workplaces. It’s time to revolutionize your business with one-knot-one cloud solutions.

Although we have a wide range of products for your business needs from web-based email solutions to online conferences. We are on a mission to provide end to end cloud solutions to our clients. If you are looking to grow your business in the fastest way possible then buckle and start your cloud journey with CloudCompanions. We make sure you get most out of your cloud services.

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