Take your business to next level with Cloud consultation

We are aware about the positive impact that private cloud migrations and digital transformation solutions have on our  business. However, managing and administering these cloud operations requires state-of-the-art technical expertise and huge, long-term investments in infrastructure, software, and staff — something only large corporations can afford. The most viable option, therefore, is to employ a trusted Cloud Managed Service Providers to manage your cloud platforms, applications, and tools. CloudCompanions  is a client-focused Digital Transformation firm dedicated for offering cloud based services to the companies of any size. We differentiate ourselves by providing both custom-managed and integrated cloud services that comprise 24x7 oversight and management for all platforms, security, network operations, and data processing needs, including process automation, to further enterprise objectives.

Our team of experts have been at the forefront of cloud technology design and development, and possess extensive experience in private, multi-tenant, hybrid, and public cloud infrastructures. We work collaboratively with your IT departments and business groups to manage routine in-house hybrid cloud activities, including maintenance, processing bugs, disaster recovery, software/ hardware technology upgrades, and security patch deployments among other issues.

We have experienced and certified resources for entire lift and shift to Cloud.We have Cloud Managed Services under which our team manages end to end migration from legacy to Cloud.We have specialised pre-sales team working with Project Manager and Solution Delivery Engineers.



To identify loopholes lying within any process/department via workshop.


A report as much does it hamper business productivity.

Planning our next steps to make the situation better.

Taking actions at next steps.

Weekly follow up meetings to collect the feedback.