Office 365: Cloud Collaboration Tool For Business

Why Collaboration Tool for Your Business? The rise of mobile technology and cloud computing has changed our way of working, making collaboration not only easier, but also crucial to the success of any organization. According to a reports, there are now more mobile devices than people around the world, and work is increasingly taking place outside …

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single-sign-on solutions

Single Sign On Solutions and Its Benefits

What is Single Sign-On? “Single sign-on (SSO) is an authentication procedure which allows a user to gain access to a number of software programs with specific credentials. SSO is a regular practice in operation in which a client accesses a number of applications connected to a local area network (LAN).” Now that we’re familiar with …

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G-suite For Business

G-Suite for Business – Email Solution for Businesses

Looking for email service for business, one of the most feature rich and easy-to-use solutions on the Internet that combines email, data storage in cloud, productivity software, calendars, and more? Have you heard that people are talking about how great Google’s products are, and wondering what G Suite for business (formerly known as “Google Apps”) …

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IBM Cloud Computing

In the past 5 years, Information Technology (IT) has embarked on the latest model — cloud computing. Though cloud computing is merely a different way to provide computer resources, instead of a new technology, it has offered a revolution in a way organizations provide information and service. Earlier IT was dominated by mainframe computing. This …

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